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 We are a womens wholesale clothing suppliers and manufacturers in Bangkok Thailand offering quality women's colourful clothing for wholesale. Supplying womens clothing to over 170 countries worldwide.

Here at The Mango House you can shop for clothes online for women and find out information about our colorful clothing range. We are also a clothing supplier and manufacturer for small businesses looking to order smaller amounts for wholesale prices. We have many different fashion styles of ladies gowns and colorful dresses, patterned skirts and clothing, women's tops and vests, women's trousers and much more.

Take a look through our different sections to find the colored skirt or colourful top for sale. We have a wide range of women's tops which are multi colored and fashionable. We can also make a custom sample and pattern for a garment you require please contact us with details.

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Wholesale and Made to order Summer Dresses


The Mango House has a selection of colourful summer dresses and our colorful dresses for wholesale section has various designs available in different colors at discounted prices. We have small, medium and large ladies sizes. Our light dress styles are usually summer fashioned dresses ideal for warm summer weather.


Wholesale and made to order Women's Tops

Our ladies tops category in The Mango House site has a large selection of women's colourful tops, women's vests and women's tank tops which come in a large range of casual styles, sizes, colors and trends. We are also suppliers of wholesale tops and our women's tops are made from top quality materials giving you a high standard of clothing. We choose our tops designs carefully and have a variety of fashions ranging from v-neck style tops to tops with spaghetti straps. Our light weight casual ladies tops at The Mango House are cheap and available at discounted prices. We can supply quality colorful woman's tops for wholesale.

Take a look through our different sections to find the colored skirt or colourful tops. We have a wide range of women's tops which are multi colored and fashionable.


Wholesale and Made to order Colourful Skirts

Skirts at The Mango House are our most popular. We have lots of different patterned skirts made and designed with quality materials. Our colorful floaty skirts come all women's sizes. Our many multi coloured skirts are made up of different designs and fashions are available to order wholesale online or from one of our outlets.

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We also have a big selection of women's baggy casual trousers. Our Aladdin styled pants are unique and popular with many different patterned trousers available in lots of colourful materials. These comfortable style women's trousers are cheap and easy to wear.

If you would like to order our made to order clothes please contact us. You can also view our ordering women's clothing page.

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The Mango House clothes shop has good quality colorful clothing mainly for ladies. We have customers from all around the world including the U.K, Canada, U.S.A, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Singapore, Japan, France and Greece. We sell our clothing at wholesale prices please see the categories description for details of wholesale conditions.

Latest Wholesale Colourful Clothing